This ultimate Lightroom Classic course will transform the way you approach photo editing.

You know, photography isn't just about capturing the moment; it's about bringing those moments to life, making them unforgettable.

Go from this.... this.

The image above won Gold in an online photo comp.

Looking for a complete Lightroom photo editing guide?

  • Overwhelmed by all the Lightroom tools?
  • Want to create your own unique style in Lightroom?
  • Need help to achieve consistency with your images?
  • Is your image sorting a mess?
  • Need help to get the correct colour in your images with Lightroom?

I'll answer all these challenges. And much more...

Did you move your images, as one does?

Now Lightroom says "Image missing".


You are not the first. Let me show you why this happens.

Let me teach you how to prevent this from happening.

Powerful Editing Techniques:

Advanced Retouching Skills:

Creative Preset Creation:

Master the art of photo editing with in-depth tutorials on using Lightroom Classic's powerful editing tools and presets.

Elevate your photos with advanced retouching techniques, removing imperfections and enhancing visual appeal.

Discover how to create and customize your own presets, giving your work a unique and consistent style.

Smart Organization Strategies:

Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts:

Export Excellence for Various Platforms:

Streamline your photo library with smart organization strategies, making it easy to find and showcase your best work.

Boost your efficiency with valuable time-saving tips and keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to spend more time behind the lens.

Learn the optimal export settings for web, social media, and print, ensuring your photos look perfect no matter where they are showcased

What are students saying?

I’ve been using Lightroom Classic for just over a year now, but I didn’t initially understand the processes and discipline required in order to manage the importing and moving of images, so I was frequently hunting for missing photos!

Stephen’s course explains this important process very clearly, as well as the tools available for sorting and rating images.

I look forward to reaching the rest of the modules and improving my Lightroom skills!

The Lightroom AI tools are crazy.

My favourite is the Object selection. It just “knows’ what you are trying to play with!

Learn from another user, just like you.

That's me. I'm just another user. I have taught myself how to get the most out of Lightroom.

You can now learn from my mistakes, from my learning.

I have been using Lightroom for close to 20 years.

I've learnt some very useful stuff. Stuff which I now want to pass on to you.

Who should take this course?

  • You, if you are a photographer. Lightroom is the go-to package for all post-processing.
  • You find Lightroom complicated and confusing.
  • Do you need to know how to manage your images within Lightroom?
  • Do you know how to move your images within Lightroom? This is critical.
  • You want to easily add a watermark to your images.
  • You'd like to get the most out of the new AI settings in Lightroom.
  • You want to improve your editing skills.
  • You want to make your images pop!

It does not need to be overwhelming

Let me guide you. You are not alone.

The course is primarily video-based.

Follow the videos, pause, and copy the processes as you edit your images.

The videos all have time stamps making it super easy to go back to a particular setting you want to master.

We start with the import process and then move on to the library module. We learn how to sort your photos.

We then edit images using all the epic tools found in Lightroom, including the new AI settings and presets.

We learn how to export effectively and efficiently.

What do you need to do this course?

  • You'll need a computer.
  • Lightroom Classic needs to be installed. If you don't have the package I show you how to download it. Adobe offers a free 7-day trial period.
  • You'll need your photos to edit.
  • Your space in your place and at your pace. Take your time.
  • To improve, you need to apply what you learned.

You own the course for life.

Who is your instructor?

I am Stephen Cruickshank of StephenC Photography

I have been taking photos since 1984 and have been a professional for over 23 years.

I am passionate about photography.

I am an acclaimed international events photographer having photographed events in New York, Greece, Dubai, Mauritius, Thailand, Cape Town, Barcelona and many more places across the globe.

In Paris, I photographed a 3-week event with 4000 delegates. This was the largest prolonged event ever hosted by Disneyland Europe. I captured thousands of images.

Each and every image I capture goes through the process. I share this process in this course.

I mean it, every single photo.

I look forward to using all of my experiences to teach you.

What you will learn

  • Learn to import your images cleanly.
  • Learn to sort your images in various ways.
  • You will learn to use colours and star ratings to select your images.
  • Keywords are powerful. Learn to use them when searching for images.
  • Do you know you can see all your photo settings in Lightroom? Learn how.
  • How do you use sliders? Watch and learn.
  • Discover the magic of editing your images.
  • See how the new AI settings perform in Lightroom.
  • Watch how you add a watermark to your images.
  • Experience the beauty of your photos.

Course Curriculum

Chapter by Chapter

Buy the course and get 1 hour of free support/guidance from Stephen on your Lightroom installation.

This in itself is worth ⅔rds of the cost of the course.

The course is yours for life.

Your space, your place and at your pace.

Your investment

in your photography journey

The industry recommended price for this course is R3 700

Today you pay only R1 900 ($97)

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What are you waiting for?

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Take your photos to a new level.

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